Best Software for Music Production

Music production software are also known as digital audio workstations (DAW), this is a program designed by the computer for editing, recording, mixing and mastering different audio files. DAWs can help the user to record various instruments, vocals, MIDI controllers, it helps to cut, copy, paste, rearrange, splice and add effects to the track. In this article I will discuss about the best software used for music production.

FL Studio

This software is considered among the best music production software at the present time. It is perfect for the beginners due to its user friendly interface; it has got all the standard protocols like time stretch, pitch shifting, music correction, cut, copy and paste. The latest version of the software includes more than 30 sync software for out box usage. The software allows the owner to use the MIDI keyboards; it allows him or her to record the song with the microphone, edit and mix the piece of music. The software has some advanced features in it, using those features is also very easy as it has a user friendly interface. It is easy to add virtual instruments and then play those instruments on MIDI. The software is cheap, so it is also budget friendly.

Abelton Live

Abelton Live was introduced in the year 1999 and from that time it has been growing slowly and steadily, currently it is the most popular music production software in the world. Abelton Live has got standard and proper multi track recording and paste, splice, cut features. The specialty about this software is the unique seamless MIDI sequencing hardware and software. There are often some problems in mapping the MIDI controllers to the sound, but the Abelton Live has made it easy and simple. The software comes with more than 23 music libraries which are more than 50 GB of music; due to this the user can find every type of music and sounds they want.

Apple Logic Pro X

This software is compatible only with MAC; it cannot be used on PC. It is advanced software which makes the process of music making easy by including instrument layering, track consolidation and score editor. A score editor allows the user to create his or her own MIDI tracks with the help of a mouse. The software has a virtual drummer; it is an interactive set of drums used for the purpose of visual implementation of the drums. The software contains an arpeggiator which is better than other software’s and it is programmable as well. The software is packed with lots of features like plug-ins, synths, and with an easy learning interface. The software comes with loop collections and sound library with some fresh effects. The price of this software is $200, so it is cheaper than other software.

Avid Pro Tools

This software provides high standard of mixing and mastering of the songs which is equivalent to the professional level songs. The software gives the ability to record, compress, mix, edit and master any song. The software has an exclusive Avid Audio Engine which provides the user with a powered as fast processor, with memory capacity 64-bit and a built in meter. There is a feature known as Elastic Pitch which is similar to auto tune for correcting harmonies. It has time stretch feature in it which can be used for changing the tempo of the track. The software comes with more than 70 effects and also plug-ins: compressor, reverb, channel striping and EQs. The software is compatible with both PC and MAC, but it works slightly better in MAC.

Steinberg Cubase

This software has its signature drum editors, score and key in the workstation. It allows the user to manually edit the MIDI track in case the user has to move a note from one place to another. Cubase has the biggest libraries compared to other software. It has something called HALion Sonic SE 2 with synth sounds, Groove Agent SE 4 with drum kit, EDM kits, LoopMash FX and may more. It is said that the software is a bit expensive and difficult to work with but the professionals have said that after learning properly, this software becomes very effective and can be used for a long time.

Cockos Reaper

Reaper is unique software coded by individuals which provides the essential features used in a DAW, the user can drop and drag FX and VSTs, can map the MIDI controls smoothly without any difficulty, split, cut, edit, paste individual tracks and there is also a plug-in support. It supports most of the audio interfaces, effects and plug-ins. This software is free to use for 60 days from the day of download and after 60 days the user has to pay for downloading the license of the software for further use of the software. …

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