There are many people who are very passionate about music and want to make their career in the music industry. But the music industry is the one where you don’t get famous very easily. Music industry won’t make much sense to you if you are not famous there. The next question arises is, how to get famous? It is very obvious that every passion and dream need hard work and dedication. Without that nothing is possible. Along with this, you always need a proper guideline. Those who are interested in learning music should join a music university where they can get proper training in music. By getting such training and proper guidelines, you can become a professional musician or singer. There are many music universities around the world. So, a beginner in the music industry should initiate with the music universities.


Here are some universities where you can learn about music. They are listed below:

  • The Juilliard School
  • Berklee College of Music
  • University of Southern California Thornton School of Music
  • New England Conservatory of Music
  • Yale School of Music
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • The Royal Academy of Music
  • Royale College of Music
  • Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University
  • Mannes School of Music


the juilliard school

The Juilliard School is located in New York City. This school was founded in the year 1905. The Barry Manilow, John Williams, and Yo-Yo Ma are some famous people who have done their graduation from this university. This school is known as the most prestigious educational institution in the world. People can learn about different arts here. For example, dancing, music, acting, etc. This school is best known for its music learning. There is a place in New York City which is known as the Lincoln Center. At this place, different live concerts for opera and classical music are organized. The school is attached to this place. This school is the best option for those who are interested in playing the orchestra. But not a good option for those who are interested in contemporary music.


The Berklee College of Music is located in Boston, MA. This college was founded in the year 1945. The Melissa Etheridge, John Mayer, and Quincy Jones are some famous people who have completed their graduation from this college. The Berklee College of Music is best known for its learning in pop music. Those who are interested in music like rock and pop should choose this college for graduation. Boston is known as the city of the colleges. The Berklee College of Music is known as the best college in Boston. Moreover, this college doesn’t focus much on orchestra music.


The University of Southern California Thornton School of Music is located in Los Angeles, CA. The school was founded in the year 1884. The Herb Alpert, James Horner, and James Newton Howard are some famous people who have done their graduation from this school. It has been said that this university is the oldest one in America. This institution teaches different music styles like classical, jazz. Along with these learning, this institution also runs a program in which classes are given to those musicians who want to work in the music industry but are not getting the work. This institution is known for giving this blended education. Moreover, this university has good connections in the film industry.


The New England Conservatory of Music is located in Boston, MA. This university was founded in the year 1867. The Neal E. Boyd, Vic Firth, and Aoife O’Donovan are some famous people who have done their graduation from this university. After Berklee College, this university comes. This university is also very famous in Boston. Boston is a small town, and it is a very great thing to get popular in such a small town with the ocean of colleges. This university teaches how to play instruments. Those who are interested in playing music instruments should choose the New England Conservatory of Music College. This university gives learning in playing stringed, brass and woodwind musical instruments.


yale school of music

The Yale School of Music is located in New Haven, CT. This university was founded in the year 1894. The Macro Beltrami, Matt Brubeck, and Michael Daugherty are some famous people who have done their graduation from this university. If you do your graduation from this university, then it would be completely worth it. The name of Yale School of Music on your resume will increase your standard and reputation. No doubt, New Haven is a small town, but the university is the best. Yale is a brand in itself. This university has earned this reputation and standard on its own.

There also many famous musicians and musical artists that never attended a music school or even attended some of these prestigious schools and dropped out. Many musical educations have also been funded by students’ side projects. Specifically there are a handful of well-known tech businesses that have found success on their own well past funding their founders’ educational pursuits. FuckBook was an adult dating app originally created to fund it’s founders musical pursuits. After the hook up service took off the rest was history. Other websites have provided the same springboard. …

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Tik Tok Explained

Today there are too many social media platforms and it is not easy to keep track of all of them. In most cases, parents are really worried about the safety of these platforms since their kids have grown an obsession with them. Then what is Tik Tok and why kids like this social media platform?

Tik Tok is one of the free social media apps for watching, creating and sharing videos. Usually, people create videos is using their phones. Originally Tik Tok was released as Later after merging two apps, today’s version of Tik Tok is released. In Tik Tok, users can enjoy lip-synching Dubsmash and they can also record videos with their lip-synching to popular music.

Why TikTok?

Tik Tok is mostly used to share user-generated videos and people like me because they can lip-sync with popular videos. This social media platform is used for creating videos where people are talking, dancing, and singing. Through Tik Tok, you can browse the content of other users and interact with them. Tik Tok is covering a wide range of topics like styles, songs, and dance. It is possible to use the hashtag to group videos on Tik Tok.

TikTok and safety

Of course, there is a risk associated with every social media account. This is the reason any social media account should be used with an adult’s supervision including Tik Tok. Once you create an account in Tik Tok it will be set as public. That means, any user can watch videos you shared and they can send you direct messages. Others can also use your location information when the account is public. Hence it is very important to change the settings and account information if a kid is using Tik Tok.

You should be able to interact with people you know. So, it is better to change the account to a private setting. You can change the entire account to the public or there are other setting options available. You can just change the settings for duets, comments, and reactions. It is important to change the messages to only friends and not for everyone.

Tik Tok-How Does it work?

Tik Tok users can sign up by using their email address, phone number, or Facebook account. They can also make use of their Instagram account. Once you logged in to the Tik Tok account you can start searching for popular video creators or you can also go with categories. For finding videos you can even use hashtags. It is possible to make use of phone contacts as well as social media followers for finding friends on Tik Tok. The majority of the Tik Tok users like to create videos. But most of them do not post the videos. They create videos for themselves. The rest of the user’s just login to Tik Tok and follow popular content creators.

Is TikTok suitable for kids?

The majority of the people have the opinion that kids alone cannot handle the Tik Tok account. The most important reason is because of its popularity today Tik Tok is filled with all kinds of videos. In most of the videos, you can even find sexual lyrics. Hence even though kids can watch some of the video categories, it’s not advisable to use the Tik Tok account on their own.

It is very important to restrict the usage of watching videos and made using popular tracks. Do not allow the kid to search on their own. Their search may lead to sex or porn videos by mistake. The best thing about Tik Tok is there is a separate section in the app just meant for kids. They can enjoy this category for watching videos on Tik Tok. Through this section, they will have access only to clean and curated videos. They will not be able to search, post, and comment on their videos. But, kids can enter the wrong birthdate and bypass this section.

There is an option where users can earn points by inviting others. The points earned can be redeemed as coupons. Usually, Tik Tok points are redeemed on Uber and Sephora. Tik Tok even allows you to earn real money by adding virtual coins into the wallet.

TikTok and age recommendation

Of course, we can say that Tik Tok is recommended for 15+ through our common sense. But, the app expects users should be more than 13 years old for using the app. If anyone below 18 is using the app then they need to have approval from their parents. But we can see so many young kids using Tik Tok. In case if the younger kid liked to use Tik Tok then the original account should be owned by the parent. It is better to offer the separate category meant for 13+ for kids.


Tik Tok is really attractive and it is difficult to stop your kid from using it once they are explored to this social media platform. Like many other social media platforms, Tik Tok can also be addictive. Kids can spend hours watching these videos.…

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Top Earning Music Artists In The World

The music industry is moving at a fast pace with huge success each advancing year. Many of the artists are earning lots of money releasing their albums on the music platforms. The famous artists don’t just earn their fame for only cash through the release of albums. They are actually making their life and living the passion in the business of music. Several music artists are making so much money through business projects, sponsorships, smart investments, and through touring. Let’s see the music artists who have earned fame and money.

Who Are The Top Earning Music Artists?

Taylor Swift

Being just thirty years old, she earns incredible money and is top among the other music artists. She made most of the income through touring and also made money through Apple company endorsements.

Kanye West

He is the second highest music artists around the world. He is known as the great hip hop artist. He is ranked as the best one from his merchandise through his shoe line.

Ed Sheeran

He was brought to the high position due to his versatility in his work and through touring the different places. His tour for about two years made him so successful around the world. He is living his passion by acquiring the good opportunities.

Elton John

He was a great earner who started his tour of three-year farewell. He is at the current situation booked for launching his autobiography and writing the broad way production.


He has another year financial performance and is also a great hip hop earner. His touring trip crossed over two fifty million dollars. He possesses many ventures of alcohol which offers him additional earnings. Due to his combinations of smart ventures, investments, and business ventures, he became a top paid musician.


Her touring with Jay-Z, her husband gained more popularity to her. The Netflix signed three ventures with her of about sixty million dollars. She also launched a line of clothing through which she gets an additional income.


He has many numbers of performing stages in the upcoming years. He got awarded with a fourth grammy award. He also did partner with migos for the three migos tour which is of about seventy-nine million dollars worth.

Sean Combs

He is best known as diddy, puffy, or puff daddy who performed only little music but kept his earning high through another financial decisions. His most of the income comes from the ventures of beverage. He is also earning through the music streaming services like Spotify.


The earnings of this music artist mainly are from business projects and merchandise in the current year. Rihanna owns a line of makeup which got her additional earnings.

Travis Scott

His album which was third one is debuted as number one on the chart of billboard 200. He appeared on the track of game of thrones album. As you can see with other artists on this list a lot of income comes from diversification into various ventures. Travis Scott is known to invest in various ventures in a multitude industries including an innovative new hookup app. Tech startups have shown to be lucrative investments for many artists as they are able to use there promotional power to boost their success.

Katy Perry

She is topping as the high paid artists releasing her singles, concerts, and albums. To go into the top profile, she also took part in the Taylor Swift’s album you need to calm down along with other musical adventures.

The above-mentioned music artists are the one who are paid highly and are popular globally too. Who is your favorite?

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Best Software for Music Production

Music production software are also known as digital audio workstations (DAW), this is a program designed by the computer for editing, recording, mixing and mastering different audio files. DAWs can help the user to record various instruments, vocals, MIDI controllers, it helps to cut, copy, paste, rearrange, splice and add effects to the track. In this article I will discuss about the best software used for music production.

FL Studio

This software is considered among the best music production software at the present time. It is perfect for the beginners due to its user friendly interface; it has got all the standard protocols like time stretch, pitch shifting, music correction, cut, copy and paste. The latest version of the software includes more than 30 sync software for out box usage. The software allows the owner to use the MIDI keyboards; it allows him or her to record the song with the microphone, edit and mix the piece of music. The software has some advanced features in it, using those features is also very easy as it has a user friendly interface. It is easy to add virtual instruments and then play those instruments on MIDI. The software is cheap, so it is also budget friendly.

Abelton Live

Abelton Live was introduced in the year 1999 and from that time it has been growing slowly and steadily, currently it is the most popular music production software in the world. Abelton Live has got standard and proper multi track recording and paste, splice, cut features. The specialty about this software is the unique seamless MIDI sequencing hardware and software. There are often some problems in mapping the MIDI controllers to the sound, but the Abelton Live has made it easy and simple. The software comes with more than 23 music libraries which are more than 50 GB of music; due to this the user can find every type of music and sounds they want.

Apple Logic Pro X

This software is compatible only with MAC; it cannot be used on PC. It is advanced software which makes the process of music making easy by including instrument layering, track consolidation and score editor. A score editor allows the user to create his or her own MIDI tracks with the help of a mouse. The software has a virtual drummer; it is an interactive set of drums used for the purpose of visual implementation of the drums. The software contains an arpeggiator which is better than other software’s and it is programmable as well. The software is packed with lots of features like plug-ins, synths, and with an easy learning interface. The software comes with loop collections and sound library with some fresh effects. The price of this software is $200, so it is cheaper than other software.

Avid Pro Tools

This software provides high standard of mixing and mastering of the songs which is equivalent to the professional level songs. The software gives the ability to record, compress, mix, edit and master any song. The software has an exclusive Avid Audio Engine which provides the user with a powered as fast processor, with memory capacity 64-bit and a built in meter. There is a feature known as Elastic Pitch which is similar to auto tune for correcting harmonies. It has time stretch feature in it which can be used for changing the tempo of the track. The software comes with more than 70 effects and also plug-ins: compressor, reverb, channel striping and EQs. The software is compatible with both PC and MAC, but it works slightly better in MAC.

Steinberg Cubase

This software has its signature drum editors, score and key in the workstation. It allows the user to manually edit the MIDI track in case the user has to move a note from one place to another. Cubase has the biggest libraries compared to other software. It has something called HALion Sonic SE 2 with synth sounds, Groove Agent SE 4 with drum kit, EDM kits, LoopMash FX and may more. It is said that the software is a bit expensive and difficult to work with but the professionals have said that after learning properly, this software becomes very effective and can be used for a long time.

Cockos Reaper

Reaper is unique software coded by individuals which provides the essential features used in a DAW, the user can drop and drag FX and VSTs, can map the MIDI controls smoothly without any difficulty, split, cut, edit, paste individual tracks and there is also a plug-in support. It supports most of the audio interfaces, effects and plug-ins. This software is free to use for 60 days from the day of download and after 60 days the user has to pay for downloading the license of the software for further use of the software. …

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Music is a boon to the people of the present time. Every time we listen to melodious music, we get refreshment. We feel good, refreshed, excited, happy after listening to the good and melodious music. Generally speaking, music plays a vital role in our life. On the other hand, many people have made their career in music which shows that music is more than refreshment for many people. Moreover, music is also a hobby for thousands of people. They don’t seek a future in the music, but they love to spend their spare time in music. Many of them love to sing, many of them love to play instruments, many of them just love to listen to music. People are often playing music in the background of their daily activities. Many play music while cooking dinner or exercising. Music is on when people are looking for a local hook up while swiping through their dating app. Music to set the mood for whatever activity is always present. Such people always need a perfect music platform where they can listen as well as share their favorite music with other people. There are many music platforms available on the internet on which the people can do the same activity. Some of them are paid and some of them are unpaid.


Here are some good and popular music platforms on which people can share music as well as listen to music. They are listed below:

  • SoundCloud
  • Audiomack
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Bandcamp
  • Vimeo
  • Tidal
  • Google Play
  • Personal website


The SoundCloud was founded in the year 2007. This platform stands in the list of the world’s top and best music platforms. There are about 175 million people who share and listen to music on this platform. The feature because of which it is known as the world’s best music platform is its free streaming. This platform is absolutely free. Along with the people, different artists also share their new tracks and tunes over this platform. You can find different versions of the same song here. This is one more reason why it is popular. Those persons who have just started their career in music can share their music on this platform for making it popular among the people at the initial stage.


After SoundCloud, this platform is also attracting people. Streaming on this platform is absolutely free. The best feature of the Audiomack platform is its counterpart. This counterpart counts the number of times a song is played by a single person. It counts for all the people. This activity helps artists who have uploaded their music on this platform. By the number of counts, artists can see how much their music is being liked by the people. The counterpart shows the number of counts per day, per month as well as per week. Along with this, there is one more option of trending homepage. On this page, all those songs are available which are trending on the platform. People can listen to those songs which are very much liked by the people. They don’t have to search for the best music.


We all are very familiar with the name iTunes. iTunes is known as the monster of the music industry. iTunes is for those people who truly want their favorite artists to rise in the music industry. It has been said that iTunes is the king of the current music industry. Moreover, iTunes is free for listening to music, but there is also an option for buying that music. As said above, iTunes is a platform for true fans. Those people who actually want to raise their artists financially, then they can buy that music. iTunes is emerging as a giant in the current music industry. The name of the platform is enough for making music popular among people.


Spotify is also a very good platform for sharing and listening to music. This platform may be new to many people. Spotify has a huge library of music of all types from different artists. Moreover, ads are also displayed on this platform while listening to music for non-premium users. Those people who are premium users do not get any ad interruptions. Along with this, premium users can also listen and share the music offline. This platform is not perfect for those who want to stream or upload their music. It is perfect for listening to music. If you want to share your music among people, then you should better go with Audiomack, iTunes, and SoundCloud. But when it comes to listening to music, this platform would be perfect.


YouTube is also a perfect platform for making your music trending in the market. This platform is perfect when you want to share your music in a visual form. But, if you want to listen to music, then the listed platforms would be perfect. If you share your music on YouTube, then it has more chances to become a popular one. If your music starts getting popular once, then the people will automatically listen to it on the music platforms. YouTube is a better option for those who want to upload their music.

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