Music is a boon to the people of the present time. Every time we listen to melodious music, we get refreshment. We feel good, refreshed, excited, happy after listening to the good and melodious music. Generally speaking, music plays a vital role in our life. On the other hand, many people have made their career in music which shows that music is more than refreshment for many people. Moreover, music is also a hobby for thousands of people. They don’t seek a future in the music, but they love to spend their spare time in music. Many of them love to sing, many of them love to play instruments, many of them just love to listen to music. People are often playing music in the background of their daily activities. Many play music while cooking dinner or exercising. Music is on when people are looking for a local hook up while swiping through their dating app. Music to set the mood for whatever activity is always present. Such people always need a perfect music platform where they can listen as well as share their favorite music with other people. There are many music platforms available on the internet on which the people can do the same activity. Some of them are paid and some of them are unpaid.


Here are some good and popular music platforms on which people can share music as well as listen to music. They are listed below:

  • SoundCloud
  • Audiomack
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Bandcamp
  • Vimeo
  • Tidal
  • Google Play
  • Personal website


The SoundCloud was founded in the year 2007. This platform stands in the list of the world’s top and best music platforms. There are about 175 million people who share and listen to music on this platform. The feature because of which it is known as the world’s best music platform is its free streaming. This platform is absolutely free. Along with the people, different artists also share their new tracks and tunes over this platform. You can find different versions of the same song here. This is one more reason why it is popular. Those persons who have just started their career in music can share their music on this platform for making it popular among the people at the initial stage.


After SoundCloud, this platform is also attracting people. Streaming on this platform is absolutely free. The best feature of the Audiomack platform is its counterpart. This counterpart counts the number of times a song is played by a single person. It counts for all the people. This activity helps artists who have uploaded their music on this platform. By the number of counts, artists can see how much their music is being liked by the people. The counterpart shows the number of counts per day, per month as well as per week. Along with this, there is one more option of trending homepage. On this page, all those songs are available which are trending on the platform. People can listen to those songs which are very much liked by the people. They don’t have to search for the best music.


We all are very familiar with the name iTunes. iTunes is known as the monster of the music industry. iTunes is for those people who truly want their favorite artists to rise in the music industry. It has been said that iTunes is the king of the current music industry. Moreover, iTunes is free for listening to music, but there is also an option for buying that music. As said above, iTunes is a platform for true fans. Those people who actually want to raise their artists financially, then they can buy that music. iTunes is emerging as a giant in the current music industry. The name of the platform is enough for making music popular among people.


Spotify is also a very good platform for sharing and listening to music. This platform may be new to many people. Spotify has a huge library of music of all types from different artists. Moreover, ads are also displayed on this platform while listening to music for non-premium users. Those people who are premium users do not get any ad interruptions. Along with this, premium users can also listen and share the music offline. This platform is not perfect for those who want to stream or upload their music. It is perfect for listening to music. If you want to share your music among people, then you should better go with Audiomack, iTunes, and SoundCloud. But when it comes to listening to music, this platform would be perfect.


YouTube is also a perfect platform for making your music trending in the market. This platform is perfect when you want to share your music in a visual form. But, if you want to listen to music, then the listed platforms would be perfect. If you share your music on YouTube, then it has more chances to become a popular one. If your music starts getting popular once, then the people will automatically listen to it on the music platforms. YouTube is a better option for those who want to upload their music.

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